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This is a song I wrote to promote awareness about homelessness.


Down in the street ain’t no place for people to sleep
Government is fucked / who’s gonna talk
More taxes less education
For me and the next generation
It’s just another depression
Together we stand together as a nation
/ Homeless out there is smoking
Police in the chase patrolling
I need a government full of respect
Working for my people from north to the west
No homeless no sickness
swear to god I will be the witness
how long this pain will go
on right now now I need a home
cause my dream’s about to go
In the street I can’t reborn
right now now I need a home
Please now now I need a home
right now now so alone
Please now now

I’m homeless, homeless
I’m Homeless, homeless (x2)
I’m homeless, homeless
I’m Homeless…

Smoking my ganga and get a bit smarter
wishing for a government or just provider
praying to lord to get my spot
off the street here I speak
not afraid cause I got a story to tell
Until we meet again
The government keep doing the same
Liberal Labour doing the same
Green beside them doing the same
Even independent they all the same
Right now now I need a home
Please now now I need a home
Please now now

I’m homeless, homeless
We are Homeless, homeless (x2)
They are homeless, homeless


released May 29, 2012
Written by Alfred Mashok aka Deelo
Recorded & Produced by Matik



all rights reserved


Deelo Melbourne, Australia

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